Our workshop on 11.-12. March with Sannyasi Brahmnananda from London was a very inspiring experience for all of us and gave deeper understanding of the practical application of yoga for Anxiety and Depression. Here are a couple of testimonials and visual impressions.

I got deep insight and understanding which changed the way and efficiency of my practice and my awareness during my practice. I feel less helpless about my situation and disorders.

I am very grateful for this workshop and feel that it will help me not only to revive and refresh my sadhana, but also to have practical tools at hand to better handle challenging days and phases. Thank you!

It was great that after having talked about anxiety and depression we got equipped with and instantly tried out asanas for these states; I liked the simplicity of these as it makes it more realistic that I apply them in my every day life – which was the purpose of me visiting the course.

The workshop was very interesting in a clear language and helped me to understand, that some asanas bring the energy up, others calm down and some bring you in a good balance.