Śiva Mahādeva Yantra and Mantra Retreat

The retreat is led by Antarshuddhi, Vienna and Brahmananda, London.

Join us for a week in the beautiful Tuscan nature – immersing in practice and creating together. This year, the retreat will be focused on the energies and practices relating to Śiva – the symbol of consciousness.

This week of sadhana will be integrated with other yoga practices for deepening of experience and reflection.

What are Yantra and Mantra

Yantra is a geometric image, which is said to be the manifested form of a mantra, a vibration. The drawing and painting of a yantra is practised together with its respective mantra as a sadhana. Mantra is the essential principle or energy and the yantra is the body, the vehicle. Yantras are powerful tools of meditation, which help us to focus the mind, expand the awareness and activate our creative potential. Each symbol in a yantra, and vibration of a mantra resonates in deeper layers of human consciousness and can be used as tools of profound inner and outer transformation.

Śiva – Elements and Consciousness

Śiva is said to be the Lord of Yoga, the Ādiguru, first guru, who revealed the secrets of yoga to Pārvatī, his consort. He symbolises consciousness in its purest unbound nature, yet also, as with other deities of the Indian tradition, has a domesticated expression, relating more to the material world.

Śiva goes by many names and forms, in order to find expression for the many facets of his being.

In this retreat we will focus on five aspects of Śiva and how they relate to form, element, direction, and the mantra oṃ namaḥ śivāya.

The daily practice of āsana, prāṇāyāma, mudra, yoga-nidrā and meditation will complement this process, together with a look at some of the mythology, iconography, colours and symbols associated with Śiva.

We will discover essential principles of nature through drawing of sacred geometry and painting. If you are new to drawing and painting, it will be an opportunity to experiment and connect with your creativity.

All sessions are fully guided and on booking you will be sent a materials list.

This full week retreat is fairly intense, yet will also offer plenty of time for drawing, painting, expression and silence, finding our balance in inner and outer life, amidst the abundance of Mother Nature in the beautiful atmosphere of Grempoli.

The Retreat Includes

A full and varied programme, from 7 am to 9 pm.

  • Daily 90 minutes āsana, prāṇāyāma and meditation class
  • Yoga-nidrā sessions
  • Karma yoga and periods of silence (mouna)
  • Daily mantra chanting practice
  • Drawing and painting of yantra and maṇḍala as a sacred practice
  • Exploring the use of colour and colour mixing in yantra painting
  • Development of your own sketchbook to explore these techniques
  • Evening sessions on the terrace, including kīrtan and havan (fire ceremony)
  • A day off halfway through with local walk and picnic lunch.

No previous knowledge or experience of drawing and painting is necessary. A list of materials needed will be emailed after booking

Language: English


The retreat will begin at 5pm sharp on Monday 29th July, it will conclude with lunch at 1pm on Monday 5th August.

Please try and arrive by 3pm on the 29th July to give yourself time to settle in. The programme will conclude with lunch at 1pm on the 5th August.

Arrange your arrival and departure to ensure that you do not miss any part of the programme.

Please be aware that if you are arriving late, or leaving early, it requires someone else to leave Grempoli to either collect you or to take you to the station. This creates disruption to the programme and affects others’ participation in it also. Leaving early, after such a retreat is generally not advisable, if at all possible, give yourself the space for reflection and a proper closure to the process.

We are aware flight and train times are not always convenient, if necessary, staying an extra night before or after can be arranged, please enquire.

(There would be no charge for these extra nights, but a donation towards costs would be much appreciated)

Cost of Retreat:

Early Bird Rate up to 30th April:
Double € 980 / Single € 1.080 (there are only two single rooms available)
After 30th April:
Double € 1.080 / Single € 1.180

Maximum participants: 12

Concession prices are available and payment in instalments is also possible. Please contact us to discuss, especially if you are very keen on attending and have difficulty managing the full amount.

Please bear in mind, the fee includes 7 nights’ accommodation in beautiful single or double occupancy room with shared bathroom, 3 healthy, organic nutritious meals per day, local collection and drop off, all tuition and classes and some materials.

For bookings, please, fill in Grempoli’s contact form.



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