Mahāśivarātri online, 2024

The online session is led by Antarshuddhi, Vienna and Brahmananda, London.

Mahāśivarātri – the night of Śiva

Mahāśivarātri is often a night of chanting, celebration and blissful intoxication. Mythology associated with this celebration include the night of union between Śiva and Śakti, or the tāṇḍava – the cosmic dance of creation and destruction – expressed as Śiva in the form of Naṭarāja.

Another story is when Śiva saved humanity by consuming the poison that had been brought forth by the churning of the ocean as the devas and asuras fought over amṛta, the nectar of immortality.

Śiva is one and all of these, and he is worshipped in many ways in different places and in different traditions.

In this late-night session, we will chant sloka and mantra relating to Śiva, practice a short meditation and draw the Śiva yantra – the symbol of pure untainted consciousness. We will also aim to begin the painting of the yantra during this session to allow for an exploration of the colours used.

Time and Details:

This year, Mahāśivarātri falls on the 8th of March 2004.
The session will take place from 10.00pm until midnight (CET), on zoom. It will not be recorded.

No previous knowledge or experience of drawing and painting is necessary. A list of materials needed will be emailed after booking

Language: English

Cost of the session:

The session is by donation. Details will be given later.


Further information, the zoom-link and materials list will be sent in good time before the session once you have expressed your interest in taking part by contacting us via our contact form below.



09 Mai 2024


22:00 - 00:00


Für alle




Nadeshda und Brahmananda