Yoga Darshan

Cover: Yoga Darshan

Yoga Darshan – Vision of the Yoga Upanishads gives a contemporary yogic vision of the Upanishads. Taking a holistic and practical view of spiritual life, this text provides a picture of yoga that is both panoramic and precise. The different

Satsangs on Yoga

Cover: Satsangs on Yoga

Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Awakening of the Vijnanamaya Kosha Jnana Yoga, the path of self-enquiry, offers practical ways to know one’s inner self. Karma Yoga, the yoga of action, gives a way to develop spirituality through active involvement in

The Plan of Yogic Science

Cover: The Plan of Yogic Science

Water the Roots is a collection of nine booklets and one mantra card providing the spiritual aspirant with guidance and inspiration along the spiritual path. These booklets are an invitation to reconnect with the teaching of yoga and with our

Karma Yoga Book 1

Cover: Karma Yoga Book 1

Karma Yoga Book 1: Karma introduces the foundation for understanding the specific aspects addressed in subsequent volumes. Karma is clearly presented in its many manifestations and mysteries. Included are: meaning and origins of karma; laws and classifications of karma; understanding

Karma Yoga Book 2

Cover: Karma Yoga Book 2

Karma Yoga Book 2: Experience of Life is an in-depth journey into the eternal questions of existence. What is the case and the role of desire? Can suffering be overcome? What is the relationship between pain and evolution? How can

Karma Yoga Book 3

Cover: Karma Yoga Book 3

Karma Yoga Book 3: Samsara delves into the unknown dimensions – dying, death, the afterlife, reincarnation, liberation and the relationship between human effort and divine grace. Samsara explores these topics from the yogic point of view, offering an approach to

Karma Yoga Book 4

Cover: Karma Yoga Book 4

Karma Yoga Book 4: Action with a Purpose introduces the concept of karma yoga, an approach to life based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. The karma yogi is inspired to maintain happiness and harmony within the complexities of

Karma Yoga Book 5

Cover: Karma Yoga Book 5

Karma Yoga Book 5: Expressions of the Mind gives insight into the role of karma yoga for managing and purifying the mind. Internal conflicts and challenges of daily life vcan be tackled with a new way of thinking. Once the

Karma Yoga Book 6

Cover: Karma Yoga 6

Karma Yoga Book 6: For a Better World – karma yoga becomes seva, service to humanity, and worship of the divine in all. Performing one’s duty wholeheartedly and striving for efficiency and equanimity in one’s actions is the prerequisite of

Karma Yoga Book 7

Cover: Karma Yoga Book 7

Karma Yoga Book 7: A Guide to Sadhana in Daily Life brings awareness and structure to the integration of this important branch of yoga into one’s thoughts, actions and interactions. Key concepts, including the yamas and niyamas of karma yoga,

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