Practical Yoga Psychology

Cover: Practical Yoga Psychology

The great mysteries in our lives are the understanding of our personality, how we relate with other people and the world around us, and our place, in the vast scheme of things. For thousands of years yoga has been addressing

Ajna Chakra

Cover: Ajna Chakra

While knowledge of the external world is gained through the senses, it is through our sixth sense, ajna chakra, the third eye or the eye of intuition, that higher intelligence is experienced. Included in this new edition are discussions of

Manipura Chakra

Cover: Manipura Chakra

Working with manipura chakra, the energy centre located behind the navel, is the beginning of developing spiritual values. When manipura awakens, one is free to decide and act on a higher level, through willpower. Rishi Nityabodhananda draws from traditional and

Awakening the Vijnanamaya Kosha

Cover: Awakening the Vijnanamaya Kosha

Awakening the Vijnanamaya Kosha elucidates the process and experience of unravelling the psychic realm, the Vijnanamaya Kosha. The aspirant’s ascent through increasingly subtle states of awareness is lucidly described through the yogic philosophy of the pancha koshas, or five sheats.

Kundalini Tantra

Cover: Kundalini Tantra

Kundalini Tantra is Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s seminal work on kundalini, chakras and kriya yoga. This book provides a detailed account of kundalini awakening, including the signs and effects of such experiences and ways to both elicit and manage them. Techniques

Yoga: Philosophy to Realization

Cover: Yoga: Philosophy to Realization

From the 2012-2013 Yogadrishti Satsang Series Box Set Swami Niranjananda Saraswati The theme of the satsangs Swamiji gave in May 2013 Ganga Darshan Viswa Yogapeeth was the journey of yoga in an individual’s life, from being a philosophy to becoming

Gita Darshan

Cover: The Yoga of Sri Krishna

Gita Darshan is a compilation of satsangs given by Swami Niranjananda Saraswati in 1998 at Ganga Darshan Viswa Yogapeeth, Munger. The book is an insight into the most significant remarks Sri Krishna made to Arjuna so he could be elevated

What Becomes of the Soul After Death

Cover: What Becomes of the Soul After Death

„What Becomes of the Soul After Death?“ is an eternal quest of man since immemorial. The significance of different practices and customs in connection with the dead along with beneficial effects of such oblations is explained in detail in this

Yoga Sadhana Panorama 2

Cover. Yoga Sadhana Panorama 2

The second volume of Yoga Sadhana Panorama presents discourses, satsangs and meditation practices given by Swami Niranjananda Saraswati during his visit to Europe in 1994. A wide range of topics includes mind management, yoga psychology, spiritual evolution, and the application

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