Tantra Darshan

Cover: Tantra Darshan

The Souvenir edition of Tantra Darshan is an authoritative exposition of the most ancient spiritual tradition of the world. Distilling the essence of the vast system of tantra, Swami Niranjanananda takes the reader deep into an understanding as well as

Messages and Tributes

Cover: Messages and Tributes

The Souvenir Edition of Messages and Tributes presents the good wishes from around the globe. Over the past 50 years on the occasion of the World Yoga Convention organized by the Bihar school of Yoga in 1973, 1993 and in

In Appreciation

Cover: In Appreciation

The Souvenir Edition of In Appreciation commemorates all who have contributed to the mission of the Satyananda tradition over the years. Sri Swami Satyananda ignited the flame of yoga and spirituality in millions of hearts and they, in turn, reached

Yoga Yatra 2013

Cover: Yoga Yatra

The Souvenir Edition of Yogayatra 2013 is the account of the yoga yatra organized by the Bihar School of Yoga, covering twenty states of India. Inspired by Swami Niranjanananda, sannyasins and sannyasa trainees went out to take the message of


Cover: Supporters

The Souvenir Edition of Supporters presents the wide spectrum of support received by the Bihar School of Yoga. Support is given by all sections of society, yoga centers, ashrams, and institutions, the corporate world, industries throught India and the medical

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