The SWAN Principle

Cover: The SWAN Principle

Water the Roots is a collection of nine booklets and one mantra card providing the spiritual aspirant with guidance and inspiration along the spiritual path. These booklets are an invitation to reconnect with the teaching of yoga and with our

SWAN Meditation

Cover: SWAN Meditation

SWAN meditation is an important method evolved by Swami Niranjananda to help us discover our personality and improve its expression in everyday life. SWAN is an acronym for the four qualities that influence our personality and direction in life: Strengths,

Swami Sivananda’s 18ITIES and the Practice of Pratyahara

Cover: Swami Sivananda’s 18ITIES

In April 2013 Swami Sivananda’s 18ITIES and the Practice of Pratyahara was the topic of a series of talks given at Ganga Darshan by Swami Sivamurti, Acharya, Satyanandashram Hellas, Greece. Swami Sivamurti presents these two lifestyle-oriented practices along with relevant

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