The Daredevil Dolphin

Cover: The Daredevil Dolphin

The Daredevil Dolphin: Making a Leap of Faith is the story of a dolphin who travels down the river Ganga with her school of dolphins. Sadness, and above all, fear cast a shadow on her life, until one day she

Diggaja: From Elephant to Super-Elephant

Cover: Diggaja

Diggaja is the story of a baby elephant, Vinayak, with a dream in his heart. However, circumstances throw him out of his home and he grows up to be vengeful and cynical. Until one day, Digvijayi enters his life, and

Mystics from Moon: A journey through space

Cover: Mystics from Moon

This futuristic tale of three swamis on a voyage from the moon to the earth, epitomizes the seeker’s search for his roots, for therein lie the answers to most of life’s trials and tribulations. Yoga Publication Trust Munger, Bihar, India;

Shiva Charitra: Narratives of Shiva

Cover: Shiva Charitra: Narratives of Shiva

In February 2009, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati gave a unique series of satsangs, telling the stories of Shiva. This, however, was no ordinary storytelling. Covering a wide range of topics, including creation, pashupatha tantra, the Shiva-Shakti principle, the philosophy of bhakti,

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