Sanskrit Glossary of Yogic Terms

Cover: Sanskrit Glossay of Yogic Terms

This Sanskrit Glossary contains a wealth of definitions of yoga and its related topics, including philosophies, yogic traditions and concepts. It is designed to help yoga practitioners to reach the deeper meaning of yoga’s symbols and metaphoric language. It reveals

Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha

Cover: Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha

Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha is recognized internationally as one of the most systematic yoga manuals available today. Firt published in 1969, APMB is the main reference text for yoga teachers and students of BIHAR YOGA® or SATYANANDA YOGA® within the

Surya Namaskara: A Technique of Solar Revitalization

Cover:SuryaNamaskara en

Surya Namaskara, or salutation to the sun, is an important yogic practice which dates to the ancient vedic period when the sun was worshipped as a powerful symbol of spiritual consciousness. From its esoteric origins Surya Namaskara has developed into

Moola Bandha: The Master Key

Cover: Moola Bandha: The master Key

This book is for those dedicated yoga practitioners seeking the master key to unlock the abode of maha kundalini. The text focuses on the theory and practice of bandha. The physical, pranic and psychotherapeutic effects are explored, including the relationship

Prana and Pranayama

Cover: Prana and Pranayama

Prana and Pranayama is a comprehensive text on the classical philosophy of prana, life force, and pranayama, the expansion and control of the life force. It provides a complete description of the science of pranayama, as presented in the classical

Prana Pranayama Prana Vidya

Cover: Prana, Pranayama, Prana Vidya

This is an informative text on prana featuring the classical practices taught by Bihar Yoga. Through the techniques of pranayama and prana vidya, the vital force within the mind and body can be activated, regulated and increased. This book discusses

Yoga Education for Children 1

Cover: Yoga Education for Children 1

Yoga Education for Children, Volume One, looks to the teaching of yoga to children of all age groups. Topics include, youth problems, integrating yoga into the classroom and improved methods of education, yoga in relation to the emotionally disturbed, the

Yoga Education for Children 2

Cover: Yoga Education for Children 2

Yoga education for Children, Volume Two is designed to stimulate those who work or interact with children, to empower them to become creative and emotionally stable citizens of the future. It includes a presentation of two highly successful experiments in

Pre-natal Yoga

Cover: Pre-natal Yoga

Yoga practices offer the pregnant woman a wonderful way to improve and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Perhaps more importantly, when the mother nourishes herself in this way, the baby in utero naturally benefits and the positive

Nawa Yogini Tantra: Yoga for Women

Cover: Nawa Yogini Tantra

Nawa Yogini Tantra explores the need of women in today’s society from a yogic perspective. The reader is given a broad view of issues that concern women of all ages, from adolescence through to adulthood. The health needs of women

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