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Cover: Yoga Education for Children 1

Yoga Education for Children 1

Yoga Education for Children, Volume One, looks to the teaching of yoga to children of all age groups. Topics include, youth problems, integrating yoga into the classroom and improved methods of education, yoga in relation to the emotionally disturbed, the disables and juvenile diabetics. Detailed instructions for asana, pranayama, concentration techniques and yoga games for children of all ages are given.

Yoga Publication Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 2009, 302 pages, Paperback

Cover: Yoga Education for Children 2

Yoga Education for Children 2

Yoga education for Children, Volume Two is designed to stimulate those who work or interact with children, to empower them to become creative and emotionally stable citizens of the future. It includes a presentation of two highly successful experiments in youth empowerment in India: Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal in Munger and the kanya-batuk project in Rikhiapeeth.

Yoga Publication Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 2009, 400 pages, Paperback

Cover: Pre-natal Yoga

Pre-natal Yoga

Yoga practices offer the pregnant woman a wonderful way to improve and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Perhaps more importantly, when the mother nourishes herself in this way, the baby in utero naturally benefits and the positive outcomes will ultimately lead to increased harmony within the family.

In this book you will find yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation practices and yoga nidra.

Published by Yoga Association of Victoria, Australia; 2004, 83 pages, Paperback

Cover: Manas Putra

Manas Putra

Blessings to the birth and life of Swami Niranjananda, by Sri Swami Satyananda, Swami Satyasangananda, Swami Dharmashakti, and others.

Yoga Publications Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 2010, 280 pp, soft cover

Cover: Experience of Yoga

Experience of Yoga

The teaching and inspiration of Swami Sivananda Saraswati, Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati has encouraged multifaceted applications of yoga for the individual and society over the past 50 years. Experience of Yoga is testimony to this. Through its participation in and contribution to society, the Bihar School of Yoga will uphold the tradition of its masters and continue to dedicate itself to the upliftment of mankind.

Yoga Publications Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 2013, 320 pages, soft cover

Cover: Messages and Tributes

Messages and Tributes

The Souvenir Edition of Messages and Tributes presents the good wishes from around the globe. Over the past 50 years on the occasion of the World Yoga Convention organized by the Bihar school of Yoga in 1973, 1993 and in 2013, devotees, well-wishers and government representatives express their support and good will.

Yoga Publications Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 2013, 242 pages, soft cover

Cover: In Appreciation

In Appreciation

The Souvenir Edition of In Appreciation commemorates all who have contributed to the mission of the Satyananda tradition over the years. Sri Swami Satyananda ignited the flame of yoga and spirituality in millions of hearts and they, in turn, reached out to transform other lives. Some lived with him, some took his message to different corners of the world, some left, and some were swept away by the currents of worldly life. Yet, each and everyone has been part of the mission. This volume acknowledges their spirit and salutes their effort.

Yoga Publications Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 2013, 98 pages, soft cover

Cover: Yoga Yatra

Yoga Yatra 2013

The Souvenir Edition of Yogayatra 2013 is the account of the yoga yatra organized by the Bihar School of Yoga, covering twenty states of India. Inspired by Swami Niranjanananda, sannyasins and sannyasa trainees went out to take the message of yoge to the people of india. From January to June 2013, newcomers and long-time teachers discovered a country and people thirsting for guidance and direction. They became messangers of hope and Satyananda Yoga the means to enhance the quality of everyone’s life.

Yoga Publications Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 240 pages, soft cover

Cover: Supporters


The Souvenir Edition of Supporters presents the wide spectrum of support received by the Bihar School of Yoga. Support is given by all sections of society, yoga centers, ashrams, and institutions, the corporate world, industries throught India and the medical field, as well as individuals associated for many years with the Bihar School of Yoga.

Yoga Publications Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 2013, 170 pages, soft cover

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