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Cover: Prashnopanishad


Prashnopanishad or Yoga Siddhanta Bhashya with commentaries of Swami Niranjanananada along with Sanskrit and English commentaries of Adi Shankaracharya for detailed meditations on Vaishwanar, Taijas, Prajna and Shodash Kala as described in this upanishad.

Yoga Publication Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 1992, 284 pages, soft cover

Cover: Sri Saundarya Lahari: The Descent

Sri Saundarya Lahari: The Descent

This masterful commentary on Saundarya Lahari reveals Shakta Tantra for every level of aspirant. The original Sanskrit text has been translated and explained in a lucid and eloquent style. The text deals with the essence of tantric philosophy and sadhana, elucidating the esoteric traditions of Sri Vidya, the Dasa Mahavidyas, kulakundalini, chakras and tattwas.

Yoga Publication Trust Munger, Bihar, India; 2008, 511 pages, soft cover

Cover: Saundaria Lahari

Saundarya Lahari

Transliteration in Roman of the 103 verses of the Saundarya Lahari. A chanting tool.

Published by The International Yoga Fellowship, Munger, Bihar, India; 22 pages, soft cover

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